Young Adults At The Kirk

Devout Stout… the Kirk’s newest offering for Young Adults!

Each one of us is seeking something, and each one of us finds that “something” in a unique way! We are 20/ 30 somethings who desire to talk about life and how our faith practices relate & help us in our search. How can we faithfully respond to the many situations we come across in our day to day activities? How can we faithfully respond to current events in the world? This is different for every person, and it is through those differences that we can grow and learn to see the world in a new way.

We are a group of people asking and searching, finding and discerning, and repeating it all over again. We come from different traditions and backgrounds, but are all beautifully flawed children of God, YHWH, Allah, The Creator… whatever it is that you believe. We don’t tell anyone that they are wrong, but instead we listen and value each person’s thoughts and beliefs. We don’t say that anyone is right, but instead we honor our differences recognizing that we don’t know WHO is right if any one person even is. We listen. We talk. We open our hearts and ears for something that just might change us in a small or great way.

Devout Stout is about getting OUT! We gather beyond the church building and throughout the week. Currently, there are four gathering opportunities as Devout Stout…

… hashes it out at Fortnight Brewing on the 1st Thursday of each month (7pm). We will gather to talk about current events and the ways in which we are each called to faithfully respond.

… reads about faith formation and exploration from different perspectives. This book club gathers monthly on both the 3rd Sunday at 1pm and 3rd Tuesday at 7pm (whichever is best for your schedule). Locations will rotate monthly.

… helps out our community, alongside members of the Kirk. This is a bi-monthly opportunity, alternating with “Devout Stout Hangs Out”.

… hangs out around town, because what better reason is there to get together than to relax and have fun? This bi-monthly gathering alternates with “Devout Stout Helps Out”.

“Devout Stout” is sponsored by Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian, however ALL are welcome to join us around the table. Join us only on Thursday, or join us for all gathering opportunities! No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe– you are welcome around the table!

All are invited to join us at the Kirk on Sunday morning for Worship (8:45am and 11:00am) and Sunday School (9:45am).

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @DevoutStout for updates on locations, promotions, and new gathering opportunities!  Reach out to Jordan Davis if you have any questions ( or 919-467-4944). Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 10am-4pm.

For our College students!

We are working on new ways to reach out to our college students at the Kirk, but until we have a formal offering please be sure that Pastor Jordan has your contact info so you don’t miss out on anything!

Letter to College Students, Oct 2017

Looking for a way to put your faith into action?

Here are a few ways for young adults at the Kirk to connect with Christ through service.

  • Habitat for Humanity: The Kirk provides volunteers one Saturday a month to work on Habitat houses in the Wake County area.
  • Guatemala Village Partners trip: The Kirk has cultivated a relationship with the community of Pala in Guatemala. Twice a year, in August and January, volunteers with our Guatemala mission team go visit our friends there.
  • Appalachia Service Project: Kirk youth spend a week every summer repairing houses through ASP. Young Adults are welcome to attend along with the youth.
  • Kirk Community Garden: The Kirk has a community garden that is available for anyone to work in and to harvest from. A percentage of the produce from the garden is donated to local food donation centers.
  • Don’t see anything that calls to you? One of the focuses of the Kirk is to support individuals when they feel the Spirit leading them to address unmet needs in the community. If there is an opportunity that you are being called to address, try exploring it at the Kirk.

Can’t attend church right now?

Here are a few resources to help feed you spiritually.