What To Expect During Worship

What style of worship describes the Kirk?

If the Kirk worship services were put on a scale with traditional worship on one end and contemporary worship on the other, worship at the Kirk would be closer to the traditional end. We do include a variety of music styles in worship and have a contemporary music group that offers their gifts in worship at various times throughout the year.

What do I wear to worship?

While we have a variety of styles of dress at the Kirk, business casual would probably best describe the majority of worship attendees.

What happens in worship?

Gathering and pre-service music: Both our services begin with a gathering time just prior to the start of worship where everyone is encouraged to enjoy conversation with their pew neighbors.

Chiming of the trinity: The chiming of the trinity serves to bring our attention to the start of worship.

Opening sentences and time of silence: One of the pastor’s offers a few opening sentences followed by an invitation to a time of brief centering silence. This time of silence is provided as a way for all of us in worship to settle ourselves and prepare our hearts and minds to worship God.

Prelude and lighting of the Christ candles: Our musicians provide a musical greeting, during this time an acolyte comes forward lighting the Christ candles found at the front of the sanctuary.

Call to worship: We stand and say the responsive call to worship that is printed in the bulletin.

Hymn: This is followed by singing a hymn.

Prayer of confession and proclamation of mercy: Affirming our belief that grace abounds but that sin is still a reality of our daily lives we say a unison prayer of confession printed in the bulletin. This is followed by a proclamation of mercy spoken by a pastor which affirms our forgiveness in Christ.

Passing of the Peace: We offer the same peace given to us through Christ to those around us as we greet our pew neighbors saying, “Peace be with you.”

Hymn of praise: This is followed by a short sung response of praise.

Time with Children: During this time we invite all the children forward for a children’s message from one of the pastors or occasionally members of the congregation. After the children’s time children preschool through 5th grade are invited to leave worship and participate in different activities, specific details can be found in the bulletin. As children either depart from worship or return to sitting with their families a response is sung.

Scripture readings and Sermon: We then are offered a scripture reading (two at the 11:00 service), followed by the sermon.

Affirmation of Faith: We join together in affirming our faith by reciting the Apostles Creed (occasionally we affirm our faith by saying other modern or traditional affirmations of faith or creeds).

The worship of God with our material Gifts: This is followed by our marking the many blessings God has made possible in our lives by returning to God a portion of those blessings through our tithes and offerings.

Joys and concerns, prayers of the people and the Lord’s prayer: Following the offering one of the pastors share known joys and concerns of the congregation, community, and world. They then begin with a time of silent prayer, followed by a spoken prayer, that ends with the congregation joining together saying the Lord’s prayer.

Final hymn and charge and blessing: We join together singing a final hymn, which is followed by a charge and benediction given by the pastor. The pastors and the acolyte then process out of the sanctuary and greet the congregation as they leave worship. The pastors are available for prayer and questions following worship.