Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian
Position Description: Security Officer & Sexton

Type of Position: Part-time, hourly support staff
Hours Employed/Week: Average of Fifteen (15) hours per week
Vacation/Year: Not applicable
Holidays per Year: Not applicable
Continuing Education per Year: Not applicable
Accountability: Church Business Administrator
This position combines two functions, those of Security Officer responsible for basic security of the church premises, such as lockup and Sexton with duties such as light maintenance of the church facilities, set-up and teardown of rooms for church activities and events, and light cleaning. It is anticipated that the Security Officer function will occupy 8-10 hours per week of the 15 hours per week scoped for this position.

Essential Functions of Security Officer:

• Daily, seven days per week: Enter the building using the keyless entry system only to check all door locks and light switches inside and outside the facility after 9:00pm and no later than 10:30pm (unless otherwise notified).

• Sundays:
• Open all specified doors and turn on lights no later than 8:00am
• Set up rooms for Sunday School classes by 9:30am
• Lock all doors (including office) and turn out all lights no earlier than 1:00pm and no later than 2:00pm (unless otherwise notified)

• Daily complete a written report of all security checks performed and return it to the office or other designated location.

• Record the presence of person(s) in or on the premises at the time of a security check and obtain their signature(s).

• Upon need respond to calls from the church’s security alarm company.

• Maintain possession of key card. In the event that it is misplaced it is the responsibility of the security officer to purchase a replacement key card.

Essential Functions of Sexton:

• Each Sunday:
o Set up rooms for Sunday School classes by 9:30am.
o During the security walkthrough, check that HVAC systems are operating correctly and sanctuary temperature settings are accurate.
• Set up and break down rooms as needed for church functions during the week and at weekends, as directed by the Church Business Administrator.
• Assist in the preparation, setup and breakdown for funeral services and receptions. Additional paid hours of work may be available for some events, such as weddings.
• Be onsite for the duration of certain functions, primarily weddings and funerals. Additional compensation may be available for some functions, as defined in the applicable Kirk policies.
• Keep the church buildings and grounds clean and orderly. This includes, but is not limited to:
o Removing goose droppings and clearing ice/snow from sidewalks before Sunday services
o Cleaning up limbs and blowing leaves from parking lots
o Checking and changing light bulbs and HVAC filters, as needed
o Inspecting all buildings weekly, noting items that need attention and reporting those items to the Office Administrator
o Performing regular maintenance and cleaning within the Kirk, as directed by the Church Business Administrator.
o Organizing and maintaining a supply of spare parts.
o Being available during most special events for on-call emergency response (such as HVAC or other electrical malfunction, disruptive plumbing issue, etc.)
o On request, clean restrooms and showers.
o Other duties and tasks as assigned by the Church Business Administrator.
Core Competencies and Qualifications of the Position:

• Integrity and trust: Is seen as trustworthy by others, admits mistakes and responds to situations with constancy and reliability.

• Dependability: Fulfills the function of the job with reliability and is dependable in contacting supervisor in a timely way when unavailable to fulfill duties.

• Time Management: Fulfills the functions of the job in a dependable and timely way, as described. Plans and adjusts work schedule efficiently in response to changing building usage needs.

• Communication: Communicates in a timely way with supervisor using the system set up by the supervisor.

• Manual labor: Performs manual work that may include lifting weights of 20-50 pounds, standing, sitting, walking, climbing and bending.

• Dedication to the mission of the Kirk. Works effectively with church staff and members.