Small Groups – K Groups

Small groups focus on fellowship, Bible study and spiritual growth in small groups. At the Kirk, you may hear these groups called K groups, the “K” being short for Koinonia, a Greek word referring to an intimate partnership with Jesus Christ and others.

K groups meet at a mutually agreed upon time, often twice a month for about two hours, but in other cases once a month. A time of fellowship with refreshments, or perhaps a meal, as well as sharing events in each others’ lives is part of the meeting. Study of the Bible, from materials supplied by the Kirk and intended for groups like these, seeks to relate Scripture to how we live our lives day to day. A brief closing time of prayer provides an opportunity for friends to support each other spiritually.

Koinonia groups were developed to help Christians in large churches connect with fellow members spiritually and personally on a level the congregation’s size makes difficult. The groups’ meetings and the relationships they foster create more of a small church atmosphere, in which people come to know each other well. The model for the groups comes from the New Testament which describes how the early Christians met in small groups for fellowship over a simple meal, study, and prayer.

How do you find such a group?

An existing group may want to add new members. Or people wanting to take part can be put together in a new group by the Kirk. Or if you have a group of friends in the Kirk who want to form a new group, the Kirk will tell you how. Once a group is formed, the Kirk will provide a trained enabler to guide your group through six sessions, in people’s homes, with supplied materials. Once the initial sessions are completed, the group decides whether to continue and, if so, chooses from materials available from the Kirk.

To find out more about how to join a Koinonia Group or start a new group, contact Melinda Merkley King at or 919-467-4944.

Resources for Small Groups and K Groups