News From the Earth Care Ministry Team

The Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian, is an Earth Care Congregation.  The Rev. Willem Bodisco Massink is the Convener Kirk’s Earth Care Ministry Team.

Last night in his State of the Union address our President Barack Obama made it quite clear that he is not a scientist, but that he knows a lot of very good scientists from NASA and NOAA and other organizations who tell him that global warming is real and that this is caused to a large extent by human activity.
Global warming is going to be a problem if we humans do not change the way we reduce the consumption of fossil fuels that produce CO2, the cause of the green house effect.
One of the key provisions God has provided us with in God’s creation is HABITAT. According to Calvin B. DeWitt in his book EARTHWISE, 3rd edition, pg 33, “a habitat provides all the requirements needed for a living species to be fruitful and multiply. It allows a species to fulfill its role or “ecological niche” in the biosphere. Remarkably, with the great variety of ecosystems across the face of the earth and through the interrelations of geography, soils, climate, and living creatures, habitats are continuously being sustained and renewed.” Indeed God’s creation is remarkable when it comes to the variety of habitats all living creatures use on this planet e.g. igloos, birds’ nests, beaver dams, ant hills, ponds, lakes and oceans, etc.
Global warming is a threat and could cause harm to many forms of habitats on the planet. Let us be mindful that “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world and those who live in it.” (Psalm 24:1). This verse does not make exceptions. It is “ALL.”

Rev. Willem Bodisco Massink
For the Earth Care Ministry Team