Joys & Concerns

Our sympathies to John and Alice Fisler and family on the death of long time Kirk member, Mary Jane Fisler.

Please pray for our Kirk Members: Susan Rose, Kelly Cobb, Patricia Evans, Nancy Davis, Nicole Stewart, Page Ott, Doug Burton, Jr., Ed Jennings, Dianne Jennings, June Cassell, Francie Snodgrass.

Additional Concerns: Steve & Cori LaRoche (friend), Linda Menton (friend), Jean Gregory (brother & sister-in-law), Tracy Freeman (father), Melinda Dawson (neighbor), Lynn Heckerman (sister), Elizabeth Luttrell (aunt), Kim Allen (nephew), Jonathan Allen (father), Pam Ayars (brother), DJ Sellers (niece), Ethel Dahlquist (sister), Rebecca Payne (mother), Sue Durham (husband), Larry Oakley, Tom Bell (mother), Lindsay Ray (friend), Helen Stanfield (mother), Jody Welker (cousin’s wife), Joe & Hannah Lugiano (grandsons deployed), Julie Daves (mother), Warren Alvis (brother-in-law), Jill Kaufman (father, mother), Susan Auman (daughter), Jim Prevette (father), Betsy McCorkle (cousin), Kelley Catlett (father), Ann Branch (sister), Annette Taylor (cousin), Kelly Morf (sister-in-law), Jenny Bowser (mother, father), Julie Bell (mother, sister-in-law), Carol Bennett (father), Jan Stone (mother), Melinda Dawson (sister), Sharon Fitch (cousin), Charles Cole (brother-in-law).
Kirk of Holly Springs: Donna Coffman.
Pastor on Call: For information and non-urgent questions, please leave a message at the church (919-467-4944). If you have a pastoral emergency over a weekend or holiday, please call (919-467-4944, choose option #2).