Joys & Concerns

Our sympathies to Paul Kindig and family on the passing of his father, Eugene.

Please pray for: Emily Woynicz, Betty Peck, Susan Rose, Warren Scroggin, Barb Chartier, Gene Bailey, Julie Bell, Betty Bryan, Henry Colomb, Bob Lavin, Charles Dettor, Judi Alvis, Jane Ragan, Ben McCorkle (deployed), Mary Bowen, Joye Gabriel.

Additional Concerns: Andy Shook (mother), Lynn Hawhee (mother-in-law), Helen Stanfield (cousin), Judi Alvis (sister), Phil Hammer (parents), Tina Hammer (mother), Marge Blum (brother), Allison Connors (mother), Felicity Klintworth (son), Tom Bell (sister), Van Rascoe (friend), Supreme Cleaning, Peter Bramley (brother), Marian Warren (son), Toni Navey (friend), Craig Nygard (mother), Liz Railton (mother-in-law), Pat Frame (nephew, family), Charlie Seay (friend), David Covington (parents), Emily Woynicz (fiancé – deployed), Madeline Kelso (relative), Kay Mascherin (daughter), Bonnye Hur (friend), Judy Polley (neighbor), Joyce Billotte (father), Danice Scott (brother), Melinda Dawson (sister), Betsey McFarland (mother), Barbara Kenedy (husband), Jenny Bowser (father), Jean Gregory (brother), Rich Woynicz (mother), Lynn Heckerman (brother-in-law, niece), Jeff Stewart (friend), DJ Sellers (daughter, niece), Lindsay Ray (friend), Kathy Carmer (brother), David Cole (mother), Pastor Bob Bardin, Ann Branch (sister), Carol Bennett (father).

Kirk of Holly Springs: Arnold Frazier, Erma Jastrowe, Toni Luparello.