Joys & Concerns

Our condolences to Van Rascoe and family on the death of his uncle.

Please pray for: Betty Peck, Mary Bowen, Meldie Stewart, Joye Gabriel, Joe Long, Don Beebe, Mehri Mohebbi.

Additional Concerns: Betsy Stewart (father), Jeff Stewart (friend), Don Swenson (brother), Janet Bodisco Massink (brother), Linda Menton (friend), Kathy Carmer (aunt & uncle), Cori LaRoche (cousin), Joe & Hannah Lugiano (friend), Melinda Dawson (sister), Melody Cleland (mother), Nancy Hart (daughter-in-law), Tom Droessler (brother, cousin), David Cole (mother), Ed Jennings (friend), Liz Railton (mother-in-law), Kathy Wells (friend), Rich Woynicz (mother), Betsey McFarland (family), Patricia Dreese (friends), Sally Flint (brother-in-law), David Covington (parents), DJ Sellers (daughter), Pastor Bob Bardin, Ann Branch (sister), Carol Bennett (father).

Pastor on Call: For information and non-urgent questions, please leave a message at the church (919-467-4944). If you have a pastoral emergency over a weekend or holiday, please call (919-467-4944, choose option #2).