Joys & Concerns

Our condolences to: Hannah and Joe Lugiano on the death of Joe’s sister-in-law.

Congratulations  to:  Hayden and Nicole Stewart upon the birth of their daughter and to Nelson and Erin Blair upon the birth of their son.

Please pray for our Kirk Members: Nicole Stewart, Page Ott, Michele Emrath, Richard Cobb, Marilyn Caldwell, Doug Burton, Jr., Ed Jennings, Dianne Jennings, Joyce Billotte, Alice Taylor, June Cassell, Lisa Porter, Francie Snodgrass.

Additional Concerns: Linda Menton (friend), Pam Ayars (brother), DJ Sellers (niece), Stacy Taylor & Lee Anne Ryan’s (mother), Ethel Dahlquist (sister), Rebecca Payne (mother), Sue Durham (husband), Larry Oakley, Tom Bell (mother), Lindsay Ray (friend), Helen Stanfield (mother), Jody Welker (cousin’s wife), Joe & Hannah Lugiano (grandsons deployed), Julie Daves (mother), Warren Alvis (brother-in-law), Jill Kaufman (father, mother), Susan Auman (daughter), Jim Prevette (father), Betsy McCorkle (cousin), Tina Steed (mother), Kelley Catlett (father), Ann Branch (sister), Annette Taylor (cousin), Kelly Morf (sister-in-law), Jenny Bowser (mother, father), Julie Bell (mother, sister-in-law), Carol Bennett (father), Jan Stone (mother), Melinda Dawson (sister), Sharon Fitch (cousin), Charles Cole (brother-in-law).
Kirk of Holly Springs: Donna Coffman, Dave Yow (friend).
Pastor on Call: If you have a pastoral emergency over a weekend or holiday, please call (919-526-0569). For information and other non-urgent questions, please leave a message at the church (919-467-4944).