Joys & Concerns

Our condolences to Laura Beth Sheppard and family on the passing of her brother-in-law, Dennis Rose.

Please pray for our Kirk Members: Richard Cobb, Lea Tiernan, Christi Turner, Celeste Manley, Anne Martin, Melinda Dawson, Lois Blair, Francie Snodgrass.

Additional Concerns: Laura Anne Welch (husband), Tracy Freeman (father), Joe & Hannah Lugiano (grandson), Edna Cole (brother), Kathy Nigro (cousin), Tom Bell (cousin), Dick & Judy Polley (daughter-in-law), Lindsay Ray (friend), John Torrant (sister-in-law), JoAnn Sutthill (friend), Anna Sacks (mother), Rev. Bob Bardin, Kathy Wells (friends), Rich Woynicz (mother), Patricia Dreese (friends), Pam Bridges (husband), Larry Abernathy (aunt), Phil Hammer (mother, niece), Linda Menton (friends), Kelley Catlett (father), Ann Branch (sister), Annette Taylor (brother, cousin), Carol Bennett (father), Jan Stone (mother), Melinda Dawson (sister).
Kirk of Holly Springs: Arnold Frazier, Terry Coffman, Donna Coffman, Sunny Owens, Mollie Sears.
Pastor on Call: For information and non-urgent questions, please leave a message at the church (919-467-4944). If you have a pastoral emergency over a weekend or holiday, please call (919-467-4944, choose option #2).