Joys & Concerns

Please pray for: Carolyn Cobb, Debbie Eakes, Betty Bryan, Melissa Windley, Ben McCorkle, Jean Gregory, Mary Bowen, Joe Long, Mehri Mohebbi.

Additional Concerns: Keith Gausmann (father), Jon & Lynn Heckerman (brother-in-law), Jeff Stewart (friend), Jean Gregory (brother), Claire Johns (grandmother), DJ Sellers (daughter, niece), Lindsay Ray (friend), Jackie Aman (mother), Nan Warren (family), Bob Lavin (friend), Nicole Stewart (mother), Anna Shartzer (father), Joanne Eddy (daughter), Don Swenson (brother), Janet Bodisco Massink (brother), Linda Menton (friend), Joe & Hannah Lugiano (friend), Melody Cleland (mother), Nancy Hart (daughter-in-law), Tom Droessler (cousin), Kathy Carmer (aunt), David Cole (mother), Liz Railton (mother-in-law), Patricia Dreese (friends), Sally Flint (brother-in-law), David Covington (parents), Pastor Bob Bardin, Ann Branch (sister), Carol Bennett (father).

Pastor on Call: For information and non-urgent questions, please leave a message at the church (919-467-4944). If you have a pastoral emergency over a weekend or holiday, please call (919-467-4944, choose option #2).