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The youth fundraiser is off to a great start! Our week-end totals leave JODY in 1st place with $265, LARRY in 2nd place with $253, and JORDAN in 3rd place with $229! All three of us are wondering why Leah, Stephanie, Melinda, Jonathan Sherrod, Rick, Stacy, and Jonathan Allen are not as high on your "must be dunked" list. You are invited to move them up the rank this Sunday by placing donations in THEIR jars or by donating online at ... See MoreSee Less

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We have a late addition into our dunk booth! Donate online today (through Sept. 9) to have Pastor Jonathan (Kirk of Holly Springs) dunked! KOHS youth are a part of our youth ministry and will go with us on Presbytery retreats, ASP, Massanetta, and CROSS next Summer. ... See MoreSee Less

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Our youth fundraiser is underway! And while it seems most of you listened today and voted for Larry to be dunked (first place, $153) some seem to think testing Jordan's lack of appreciation for large containers of water is a good idea (second place, $29).

Vote through your donations after worship or online today! Whoever raises the most money for our youth trips will be dunked on Sept 9 at the church picnic!
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