The Kirk of Holly Springs, Presbyterian

A satellite of the Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian, Cary, NC

Join us Sunday mornings at 9:45 am at Holly Springs United Church of Christ:

Kirk of Holly Springs: New Location
Holly Springs United Church of Christ
116 3rd Street, Holly Springs NC 27540

Bring a friend or neighbor who is looking for a church home!

Our Purpose: We believe that we are called by God and guided by the Holy Spirit to form a Presbyterian Church U.S.A. New Worshiping Community in the Holly Springs NC area. As a satellite of the Kirk of Kildaire, we will build up the Body of Christ through worship, education to enable spiritual growth of all ages, mission, and fellowship. We strive to be an inclusive and caring church family, welcoming all to worship God and serve with us as God’s heart, hands and feet in the community and the world.

For More Information

Contact one of the members of the Leadership Team or call the Kirk of Kildaire church office, 919-467-4944.

Kirk of Holly Springs Leadership Team:
Kirk of Kildaire Session Liaison:

History of the Kirk of Holly Springs

In the spring of 2012, several families from southwestern Wake County began to meet and discuss the idea of forming a Presbyterian worshipping community in the Holly Springs/Apex area. The New Hope Presbytery had done a study several years before that identified areas of the Presbytery that would be the best for new church development. The Holly Springs/Apex area was identified as an area that was underserved by the PC (USA). To learn more about how the early efforts of these families led to the establishment of the Kirk of Holly Springs, a satellite of the Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church in Cary, click here to get a detailed history.


      • What is the Kirk of Holly Springs Presbyterian? 

The Kirk of Holly Springs Presbyterian (USA) is a satellite congregation of the Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian (USA).  The KOHS is not a separate church, but an extension of the KOK.  We are all members of the KOK and are organized as a separate Ministry Team focused on extending our worshipping body in the Holly Springs area where we can interact and serve in the South West Wake Community and beyond.  Our activity as a Ministry Team is governed under the same rules as any other Ministry Team at the KOK which means we work with the Session for appropriate approvals.  Our congregations will be able to use each other’s resources, gifts and talents.  The KOHS and the KOK will be interwoven communities.

      • What does it mean to be a Satellite?

As we are all part of the KOK, our vision is to align with the KOK in areas that fit the needs of the Holly Springs congregation.  We envision a similar worship experience and atmosphere at our Holly Springs location, but over time this may change depending on the needs of the congregation and community.  As there is no PCUSA presence in Holly Springs, we believe that we can fill a needed gap in the community.  We are looking forward to taking the KOK’s Vision of A Community of Faith, A Welcoming Home to All, Rooted in Christ’s Teachings, Reaching In and Reaching Out to the Holly Springs area.

      • How can I find out what is happening with KOHS?

The KOHS has a bi-weekly newsletter called The Sower.  You may download a PDF of recent issues or please contact Chris Daniels at to be added to the email distribution list.   More questions? Email a member of the Leadership Team listed under “For More Information” elsewhere on this webpage.

      • How can I help the KOHS? 
      • Keep our New Worshiping Community in prayer!
      • Join us for Study, Worship and Fellowship!
      • Continue to tithe to the Kirk of Kildaire so that all of the Ministry Teams can be supported!

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