Healthy Lifestyles Group Has Kick-off Meeting

There were 18 attendees including the leaders, Allison Connors and JoAnn Sutthill.

Allison opened the meeting by stating that the group’s overall goal is to pursue healthy lifestyle changes for ourselves and hopefully eventually for our congregation. She also asked everyone to think about what “healthy” means. Regarding a healthy lifestyle, she said, “My hope is that we will accomplish this by pursuing, reading and sharing evidence-based information about healthy lifestyles, that we will share individual results and successes, that we will encourage, support and provide ideas for each other, that small successes will encourage our paths to larger successes, and that our successes will inspire others within the congregation.”   Lastly, she offered prayer support for the group and for any individual prayer requests.

Everyone introduced themselves and answered the question, “What does healthy mean?” JoAnn recorded the responses and, as a group, we consolidated our answers and chose four group goals:

1) Eat Healthier Food (includes better understanding of nutrition, supplements, and organic options).

2) Balance all elements of our lives (physical, spiritual, emotional, work, stress, medication, and other demands) to maintain a healthy lifestyle

3) Increase Physical Activity 

4) Learn & Share information about healthy lifestyles


We briefly discussed how our group can meet these goals, leaving some of these decisions as homework for the next meeting.  We did decide:

 –        Instead of a common curriculum, to individually read evidence-based information related to our group goals and share this information with the group

–        To recruit speakers on topics we want to know more about.  (The Kirk has members who have already offered to help.)

–        To help each other with accountability.


 Other ideas to be discussed further:

–        Whether to develop a buddy system within the group

–        Whether to have a group progress tracking method (Fitbits, MapMyFitness and My Fitness Pal were mentioned as helpful individual methods that might offer group options)

–        Whether we would like to have a K Group-like covenant

–        Planning group physical activities

–        Planning group cooking experiences

–        Whether to help plan a Kirk-wide dinner menu

–        Establishing an Eat with Eight Healthy Option


 We determined how to stay connected:

–        Meet in two-three weeks to finish up our planning, Sunday, September 7 or 14, at 2 pm, using a doodle poll to pick the best date

–        Establish ongoing monthly meetings, perhaps Sundays at 2 pm, polling to establish best day and time

–        Establish a blog to which we can all contribute and comment on, to be hosted on the Kirk site so that the whole congregation can also see

–        Email as needed


Lastly, attendees were encouraged to set a healthy intention for the week (something not overwhelming).