Ways to Give to the Endowment Fund

There are many ways to support the ministry and mission of the Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian, both now and in the future.  Gifts can be made currently with cash, securities, real estate or other personal property, or can be planned, generally as deferred gifts through bequests, trusts, or retirement or insurance plan beneficiary designations.  Many of these gift types are tax deductible for all or part of the gift.

To learn more about the Kirk of Kildaire Endowment Fund and ways to contribute, contact Bill Stokes ( 919-387-7155 or williamstokes.asg@gmail.com) or the church office.

Outright Gifts and Lifetime Gifts

Outright gifts are made directly to the Kirk now with cash or other property.  An endowment gift can be made during your lifetime, or can be planned as a legacy gift.  To plan a gift which will benefit the KOK during your lifetime, consider a current gift to the Endowment Fund, or a charitable lead trust.

Planned or Deferred Gifts

There are many ways to plan for a future gift to the Kirk, ranging from a bequest, a charitable remainder trust, or by naming the Kirk as the beneficiary of a retirement account, including an IRA, insurance policy or other types of assets.

Bequests and trusts require the assistance of a professional advisor.  Before making plans for a significant gift, please be sure to consult your financial advisor and/or attorney concerning your overall estate plan.

Gifts to the Kirk are subject to acceptance by the church, based on its ability to use the gift as intended, and to administer the gift within the mission and guidelines of the church.

Endowment Gifts

These are gifts to one of the Kirk permanently endowed funds.  The gift principal remains in the endowment fund in perpetuity and the income is used for the programs supported by the funds.


Bequests can be made to the Kirk in your will, or more simply, in a codicil to your will.  A codicil may be added without changing the rest of the will.

Real Estate Gifts

Please see the pastors or a member of the Endowment Committee for information on ways to make gifts of real estate to the Kirk.

Life Insurance Gifts or Beneficiary Designations

You may make the Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian, owner and beneficiary of a paid up, donated policy.  You may also designate the Kirk as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, either as full beneficiary, percentage beneficiary or contingent beneficiary.

Retirement Plan Beneficiary Designations

You may designate Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian, as the beneficiary of an IRA or qualified retirement plan.  The Kirk may be full beneficiary, a percentage beneficiary, or a contingent beneficiary.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Assets placed into trust – either a charitable remainder unitrust or a charitable remainder annuity trust – are part charitable gift and part life income.  Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian, can be named beneficiary of the trust.  You or the income recipient you designate will receive regular payments from the trust.  When the trust terminates, the remaining trust assets become available for the work of the Kirk.

Charitable Lead Trusts

Sizable assets placed into trust provide income for Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian, for a predetermined period of years.  As the conclusion of that time, the trust assets are then passed on to a non-charitable beneficiary (often children or grandchildren) according to your plan.  The charitable portion of this gift would qualify for a tax deduction.