Donate Stock to the Kirk

Year -End Deadlines to receive credit

December 15th of the current year – transfer of stock by paper must be completed.

December 20th of the current year – transfer of stock by electronic method must be completed.

Very Important

In order to receive the appropriate credit for your stock donation, you must  notify us that your donation is coming.  Please send an email to Ellen Chambers, Kirk Finance Manager, at, shortly before or immediately after you drop off or submit transfer of stock documents.  You will need to provide the following information:

The donor’s name:


The date you delivered the documents to the church office (or transferred electronically):


The purpose of your contribution (e.g. annual pledge, mission, youth, etc.)


The value of the stock contribution is determined by averaging the high and low price on the date you leave the certificate at the Kirk, i.e. the date you relinquish control.  The results of the stock contribution will appear on your next quarterly contribution statement from the Kirk.

Instructions for Donating Stock 

Stock can be donated to Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church by contacting Ellen Chambers, Kirk Finance Manager, at  It is advisable and more secure to transfer securities electronically.  If your stock is being held by a broker, we will provide you and your broker with the account information you need to initiate the transfer to the Kirk.
If it is not possible to transfer stock electronically, contact the church office or for the appropriate forms that you will need to complete.