Debt Free in ’23 Pledge

“Debt Free in ’23: Our Year of Jubilee”

The promised second phase of the Kirk’s Capital Campaign is under way with the theme “Debt Free in ’23”!

As members of a young church, the congregants at Kirk of Kildaire have repeatedly chosen to take on debt so that we can enlarge our mission station (our physical plant). Those bold and faithful decisions have enabled us to worship together, educate our children and ourselves, and promote the Lord’s work across the street and around the world. Our beautiful new Education Building is one of the fruits of these efforts, but payments on our debt use up about twenty percent of our income each year and prevent us from doing other things we’d all like to do.

It is within our power to eliminate our debt by 2023.

Debt Free in '23 Capital Campaign Pledge Form

In grateful and joyful response to God, I/we would like to share my blessings with others and offer thanks through my giving to the Kirk's "Debt Free in '23" Capital Campaign.
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