Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office hours?

Office Hours are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Friday 8:00 a.m. – 12 noon, except on holidays. Due to the many meetings and activities held in the church, the building is often open in the evenings.

How can I contact the church?

The church telephone number is (919) 467-4944, email address and our website is In the event of an emergency or if you need a minister after office hours, call (919) 526-0569 for our Pastor on Call.

Who can I talk to about this church?

This church is blessed with staff ready to help you learn more about or become more involved in the life of the church. Jody Welker is the senior pastor whose primary responsibilities are preaching and assisting you with issues relating to Property, Stewardship/Finance/personnel, Worship, and Congregational Ministries/Fellowship. Stephanie Arnold Workman is our Associate Pastor in charge of Christian Education and is ready to assist you with questions relating to infants and children through grade five and Mission. Larry Abernathy is our Director of Music and the Arts. Melinda Merkley King is our Associate Pastor for Congregational Care and can answer questions about becoming a member of the Kirk. Amanda Golbek is our Associate Pastor for Young Adults and Youth Ministries.

Is counseling available?

Jody Welker and our Associate Pastors are available for personal, pre-marital, marriage, and family counseling. Requests should be referred to the minister desired. In case of long term counseling or situations with special needs, the ministers are able to help make referrals to meet your needs.

Can I or my group use your facilities?

We are glad to have nonprofit groups use our church facilities as part of our service to the community. In some cases there is a minimal donation asked only to cover the cost of building upkeep. All requests for its use should be directed to Bonnie Pendleton our Office Administrator. You may call her in the church office for an application for its use.

What is the seating capacity of your various facilities?

Seating capacities of the most frequently used church facilities are:

  • Sanctuary: 600 people
  • Session Room: 40 people
  • Fellowship Hall: 300 people

How can I have my child baptized?

Baptisms are preformed on a specified Sunday each month (normally the second Sunday). Please contact the church office at (919) 467-4944  if you wish for your child to be baptized.

How can I be married at the Kirk?

You must be a member or sibling of a member of the Kirk to have a wedding preformed. You may ask either Jody Welker, Stephanie Arnold, Melinda Merkley King or Amanda Golbek of this church to officiate at a wedding. You will want to set the wedding date as soon as possible in order to reserve the date on the church calendar and to begin the pre-marital counseling sessions. After contacting the minister he/she will request it be listed on the calendar. Contact the church office (919) 467-4944 for a copy of the full wedding policy.

How can I schedule a funeral service at the Kirk?

Requests for the services for a funeral should be referred to the minister desired, or to the Office Administrator, Bonnie Pendleton. Call (919) 467-4944.

How can I provide flowers for Sunday services at the Kirk?

Flowers in the Sanctuary are provided most Sundays by various members. There is a flower chart located outside the narthex where members may sign up for specific dates.

How can I get involved at the Kirk?

Our hope is that every member would not only give financially but personally to some area of the life of the church. Our experience tells us that those who are involved have a much stronger sense of belonging. Also Ministry Leaders are always glad to have people call them for information on how to be involved. Church staff are ready to help members find a place and will be glad to help you.

What are financial pledges?

Church Budget Pledges: Systematic and regular giving is encouraged by the church through pledges which are payable weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. While the church does not attempt to designate a particular method of paying a pledge, members should understand that expenses continue from day-to-day and week-to-week, and bills must be paid. Most pledges are made on a family basis, but the church encourages all members of the family who belong to the church, to feel a responsibility for a share in paying the pledge. Youth are encouraged to have individual pledges as a stewardship education values. We encourage “proportional” percentage giving in which the goal is to ultimately give a tithe (10 percent). We understand this kind of giving to a Biblical guideline of how we show our gratitude to God. For the Kirk giving is not to a budget, but is a sign of our thanks to God for God’s blessings. While Ministry Teams discuss financial needs in the fall, the church budget is not actually prepared until after the annual fall stewardship program. After preparation, it is submitted to the Session for approval and to the congregation as information. Financial statements on pledges are emailed quarterly, not as a bill, but for your records.

Who can I talk to about memorials, endowments, stock and trust funds?

Memorials, Endowments, Stock and Trust Funds: Inquiries should be directed to Judi Nagy our Treasurer who handles such financial items.

How can I receive communications from the Kirk?

Every week the “Krier” is emailed to members and those who wish to receive it. Once monthly “Windows on the Kirk” newsletter is mailed by bulk mail. Other mailings are also emailed or sent by post from time to time. Members may request the Krier by simply contacting the church office (467-4944) and giving them their email address.