A fully staffed nursery on the lower level of the main building is available beginning at 8:45 am for the first worship service and continuing through the Sunday School hour and the second worship service for infants to two-year-olds.

9:45 am Sunday School

Faith Walk is the Kirk’s education program for children three and four years old teaching the basic stories of the Christian faith.  We provide an exciting, modified workshop rotation format where the same Bible story is taught for a five-week period using multi-learning style lessons. The children take part in telling the Bible story via different media, such as puppets or flannel board figures and create expressions of art that reflect what they are learning during the rotation. One of the rotations is the Love Notes Choir.

11 am Childcare

Childcare is available for three and four-year-olds during the 11 o’clock worship service. CF meets after the Time with Children during worship to hear Bible stories, make simple crafts, and play together in a safe, nurturing environment. It is a cooperative program run by the parents.