This class is perfect for people who enjoy challenging their faith, taking absolutely nothing for granted.  A variety of opinions are welcomed – from any and all perspectives!

  • Topical studies in theology, spirituality, and social justice
  • Discussion-oriented; divergent viewpoints encouraged
  • Preparation not required but beneficial

The Seekers are a lively, free-form, wide-ranging, discussion class whose studies include topics in theology, spirituality, and social justice. There is no set curriculum or teacher. Leadership of the discussion is shared among the class members and is voluntary.

Advance preparation (reading of the materials) is not required, but is highly beneficial to the discussion. The group encourages divergent viewpoints and opinions and frequently questions the dominant paradigm.

The class engages in occasional fellowship activities (such as potlucks or attending a concert/ballet).

Class outreach activities include refugee resettlement support and cooking for the Carying Place.