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Faith Fellowship Sunday School is all about variety. Studies include a wide range of spiritual-based subjects such as these recent topics: “Making Sense of the Bible”, “What Your Body Knows About God”, “Ephesians”, “Jesus in Art”, “What to Think About Instead of Worrying”, “Looking for God in Popular Culture”, and “Christianity Amongst World Religions”. While we firmly ground our lessons in Scripture, we are also not shy about extending our explorations into science, history, philosophy, music, psychology, and more. Our class values lively discussion, differences of opinion, humor, and occasionally, Duck Donuts. Oh, and we also love visitors! Many of our regulars volunteer in youth Sunday School classes which means classes are intentionally designed so that you can drop in on any Sunday without feeling lost. We also plan regular social events outside of class to build relationships with one another. Come and give us a try!

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