December 24 Advent Devotion – Something to Shout About

Christmas Under Construction – Devotions for your Advent Season

Luke 2:10-15

When have you shouted aloud with joy?


Was it because you finished something that took time or patience?  In today’s scripture, the Jewish people had been waiting and praying for the Messiah to come.  That took patience and practice and faith.  When the announcement was made, even the angels couldn’t keep from shouting the good news.

In my life, there are numerous times I’ve spent laboring over something out of love that resulted in something so wonderful I couldn’t help but shout for joy.  Take learning a piece of music for example.  How do you turn black and white notes on a page into something that others will want to listen to?  You spend time working with it.  When I first learned to play an instrument, I spent 30 minutes every day practicing.  Working with our Agape Ringers requires an hour of practice each week.  In both cases, the time spent in rehearsal is worth it because the end result is something that we love, that brings others joy, and that glorifies God.  When those notes come together into beautiful music that can move us to tears, I shout for joy, even if it’s on the inside.

Another example is raising children.  As parents, Matt and I spend endless amounts of time on our child.  We teach, we pray, we   practice patience, we talk, we cook, we drive, we worry, we LOVE  because raising our child is worthy of our time and energy and when we get it “right” we shout it from the mountaintop. Friends, just like the music and our child, God is still working on us, in us, and through us.  We are a construction project of love.  God deems our journeys, our faith, and our lives worthy of God’s time and that is something to shout about.  Alleluia, Amen!

Mandy Ritter