December 21 Advent Devotion – Rejoice!

Christmas Under Construction – Devotions for your Advent Season

Luke 1:46-53


Christmas is near and around us we hear calls to rejoice.  Soon we will sing “Joy to the World,” and yet—and yet—so much in our world is not joyful.

What are we to make of Mary’s song as we face our divided and troubled world?

In the Scripture, Mary meets Elizabeth and sings for joy as Elizabeth confirms what the angel has told Mary about the child soon to be born to her.  As we read Mary’s song, we should remember this is the hymn sung by a young woman who faces an uncertain future in a divided and troubled world.  Yet she rejoices because God is about to do something radically new; something that will change the world forever, scattering the proud and lifting up the humble and filling the hungry with good things.  And wonder of wonders, God has included her in those plans.

For Mary and for us, true and lasting joy is under construction as the birth of our Savior brings God’s good gifts into our lives. We, too, have been included in God’s plans.

Rejoice and glorify the Lord for all God has done and is about to do!

Prayer: Lord, teach us to rejoice because of your promise of a new kingdom based on hope, peace, joy and love.  Help us become your tools in building Your Kingdom.

Dot Rascoe