December 20 Advent Devotion – Choosing His Team

Christmas Under Construction – Devotions for your Advent Season

Luke 1:34-58

For most of my life, I assumed that construction was a fairly easy process. If someone wanted to build something, they just hired someone to do it. I never realized the complexity of it all until I married an engineer.

The passage for today is about Mary and Elizabeth finding out that they are both pregnant, Mary with the Son of God and Elizabeth with a baby that was believed impossible to conceive. The news delivered to these women is the beginning of God’s plan for joy at Christmas. Just as developers choose their team of people, God chose these two women for his team. What made them special and why did God choose them? It had nothing to do with money or accomplishments. God simply chose these women because of their faith in him. The angel tells Mary, “Do not be afraid, you have found favor with God.” God chooses people for his construction team based on their faith in him.  Neither knowledge, nor success nor money can win him over.

May God find favor in you to bring joy to the world this Christmas.


Kim Allen