Governance and Church Officers

Session Members, l-r: Hope Brown, Sharron Scroggin, Mackenzie Lamb (Youth Elder 2016-17), Don Stephenson, John Fisler

Session Members, l-r: Kevin Overcash, Kristen Wallace, Kristin Anderson, David Wells

Governance Structure

The new Governance structure (adopted by the congregation in 2012) assigns governance and ministry decisions to appropriate bodies and staff, while seeking to be flexible in addressing the changing needs of our congregation.

Our model consists of four primary components:

  1. The Session
  2. Committees of the Session
  3. Ministry Teams (in some cases incorporating Sub-Teams)
  4. Staff

The Session is ordinarily composed of the Teaching Elders and thirteen (13) Ruling Elders, including one Youth Elder.  Its focus is the larger issues of our church: discerning the mission and direction of the church, establishing goals in cooperation with the Ministry Teams, and participating in denominational issues.

The two standing Committees of the Session are the Personnel and Finance Committees.  These two aspects of the church’s life are so interwoven with the policies and actions of the Session that they demand direct Session representation.

A Ministry Team is a group of individuals with a shared call to particular forms of service to the mission of the church.  Ministry Teams are empowered by the Session to work independently, within policy guidelines, to achieve the goals of the church.  Responsibility for the day-to-day business of the church rests with Ministry Teams.

The Staff are guided by individual job descriptions and, as a general principle, serve as  mentoring, coaching resources for one or more broad areas of ministry.

Church Officers

Class of 2019Class of 2020Class of 2021
Hope Brown, ClerkKristin AndersonMary Bethel
John FislerKevin OvercashBarney Hale
Sharron ScrogginKristen WallaceEdla Prevette
Don StephensonDavid WellsMuriel Roberson
Leah Spendley (Youth Elder)Frank Rogers

The governing year runs from April to March of each year, with the installation of incoming Ruling Elders occurring in March, and their terms of service beginning in April and ending in March.

The fiscal or stewardship year runs from January to December of each year.